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Insomnia can have a big impact on the lives of people who struggle with it. Sleep is essential for proper function and all-around health. Whilst short-term, or acute Insomnia may not be a big concern, there is a danger that it can develop into a longer-term problem and this can cause major complications in both physical and mental health. People who are struggling with insomnia often turn to medication to reset their circadian rhythm and alleviate the symptoms.

Zimovane is an effective treatment for insomnia and is frequently used to help people get proper rest. There is a wide range of treatments available, and people commonly ask is Zimovane the same as zopiclone. Zimovane is a branded medication and contains the same active ingredient as Zopiclone tablets. 

What is Zimovane 7.5mg Used for?

Acute insomnia generally lasts for up to a month and can be caused by things like stress or change. Chronic Insomnia can be developed from acute insomnia, but it can also be caused by physical pain or mental illness. It can lead to issues like obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure if not resolved. It also worsens any physical or mental illnesses and prevents injuries from healing efficiently. Insomnia is a vicious cycle for the people who struggle with it.

So, what is Zimovane used for? Clinical studies show  that this medication attaches to the Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors and helps to regulate the serotonin in the brain. This gives a relaxed, sedated feeling that helps people fall asleep easily, and stay asleep for the whole night. This effect is the same as Zopiclone sleeping pills due to the active ingredient being the same.

How to Take Zimovane 7.5?

When buying medications online it is important to get the right dose and follow all the instructions provided for using the treatment. Zimovane should be taken around an hour before sleep with a glass of water. It may be taken with or without food but a heavy meal before bed can make it difficult to fall asleep easily. 7.5 mg of this medication will help people get a full night of rest.

When taking the medication for the first time, or if the patient is elderly, it may be advisable to take a smaller dose of 3.75 mg. This smaller dose will help the body to adjust to the drug and may be more appropriate for older patients due to the more subdued effects. These considerations are the same as when people buy Zopiclone online as the active ingredient is the same.

Is Zimovane Safe?

When taken as directed, Zimovane is safe for use. It is approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration and has a long history of safe use. As with any medication, there are some considerations to be aware of to ensure safe use. When taking Zimovane alcohol should not be consumed as it can cause complications with the medication. In addition, a treatment plan including a weaning-off period should be implemented to avoid Zopiclone withdrawal.

If side effects are noticed when taking a standard dose of the drug, taking a lower dose of Zimovane 3.75 can help minimise these reactions and still give an effective result. It is important to be prepared for a full 8 hours of rest after taking this medication.

What Are the Zimovane Side Effects?

The side effects of taking this medication will be the same as those experienced when taking the generic version of the drug. Zopiclone side effects can be avoided by using the medication as instructed, drinking plenty of water when consuming and preparing properly for bed. Some of the common side effects experienced when taking this medication are:

  • Headache
  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Dry Mouth
  • Bitter or metallic taste in the mouth

A common Zimovane side effect is a drowsiness that is experienced the next day. This is generally an indication that either the medication was taken too late in the evening, or the dose was too high. This is an issue that can be adjusted easily. It may be advised to reduce the dose to Zimovane 3.7 mg by breaking the tablet in half to prevent this.

The Benefits of Zimovane 3.75

When people buy Zopiclone online they enjoy a host of benefits that go beyond just getting a full night of rest. The improved cognitive ability that comes with being well-rested will be noticed by anyone who struggles with insomnia, along with better mood and libido. Health conditions will dramatically improve, along with mental health.

In addition to this, purchasing Zimovane online is easy and far more convenient than trips to the local pharmacy where these medications are generally unavailable. Online pharmacies such as this allow people to get effective treatments, hassle-free in complete privacy and with fast shipping. When comparing our online store with a trip to the doctor which can take hours, just to pay a premium for the medication there is no comparison.

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