Zopiclone for Anxiety

  • Oct 08, 2022
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Zopiclone for Anxiety

Zopiclone is the generic name given to the medication popularly branded as Zimovane. It was first brought to market in 1986 by a company called Rhône-Poulenc, which is now part of the French pharmaceutical company, Sanofi-Aventis. It is used to treat all forms of insomnia, including; acute insomnia (7 days or less), transient insomnia (3 months or less) and chronic insomnia (over 3 months). Anybody with difficulties falling or staying asleep would be diagnosed with this condition.

Studies show that this medication has been proven effective in also treating anxiety. As with anxiety medications, this medication effects the brain by boosting the effectiveness of the neurotransmitter, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA interrupts transmissions across the nerves in the brain, making the brain work slower. This reduction in brain activity is what helps people with sleeping problems or day time anxiety.

Does Zopiclone Help Anxiety?

It is a fact that all medications effect people individually in different ways. That is why this medication is sometimes alternatively prescribed for use when usual prescriptions or treatment plans appear ineffective for anxiety. Z-drugs, such as zopiclone vs zolpidem, are now becoming recognised by medical professionals for their anxiolytic and anticonvulsant properties and not just a means to treat those suffering with insomnia.

Many people suffer from sleep problems which are caused by anxiety and others can feel extremely anxious when facing the world after a bad nights sleep. This is why patients who suffer from insomnia and anxiety have been surprised at how well prescription sleeping tablets have also greatly helped with their anxiety. Due to the availability and surprise of its effects on reducing anxiety many choose to buy zopiclone online.

Low Dose Zopiclone for Anxiety

Just like with all medications, doctors would advise starting with the smallest effective dose possible, then increasing slightly when the user builds a tolerance against it. Many people have thought that the use of zopiclone and daytime anxiety would not be connected as this medication is not commonly used to treat the symptoms of this condition.

The effects of this medication last for 8-9 hours, which usually helps users sleep through the night. Because of this, some users choose to take a dose of 3.75mg during the day to help them deal with daytime anxiety. It would not be advisable to take this medication if working, operating heavy machinery or driving as motor function, focus and reaction times can be impaired. It is important that users exercise caution when beginning any new medication even if they are planning to take low doses.

How Much Zopiclone Can You Take in a day

The maximum dosage that is recommended with zopiclone tablets is 1 x 7.5mg per day. This dose is usually only advised to be taken 2-3 days a week. If anyone is taking more than this, every day for prolonged periods, it is advisable that they speak to their doctor for help and advice as they could be at risk of suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

Whenever someone begins a new medication it is important that doses are kept to a minimal amount to avoid any adverse effects. Users should always follow the instructions and treatment plans given to them by their doctors when taking any medication. Along with this, patients should always read information pamphlets which come with medications so they know what to expect before starting. If they do not have access to this, they can find an online version on our website.

What are the Withdrawal Symptoms of Zopiclone?

Many new users may worry about the potential withdrawal symptoms of zopiclone but these can be avoided if a treatment plan and tapering off process is followed when coming to the end of their treatment. Some users have experienced rebound insomnia and heavy anxiety when immediately stopping this medication after prolonged periods of time. Most commonly reported, users may feel cravings and experience a bitter or metallic taste in their mouths.

Common zopiclone side effects which may occur after 24 hours of use, are;

  • confusion
  • mood swings
  • memory loss
  • sweating

After 2 weeks of abstinence, users may feel more psychological symptoms, like;

  • cravings
  • depression
  • restlessness
  • increased anxiety

All of the above is dependent on the usage, frequency and treatment length of this medication. Those who find zopiclone withdrawal difficult to manage should consult a medical professional for help and advice.

Zopiclone for Anxiety Reviews

User reviews of medication are a great source of information as they give a first-hand account of what can be expected when taking a specific medication. First time users can also compare reviews of multiple different medications on online pharmacies before making decisions on the most suitable treatment and service options. This can help users understand if zopiclone sleeping pills might work as part of their treatment plan to overcome their anxiety.

User reviews do not just give first time buyers the insights they need. Interactions between customers and websites can also help online pharmacies build trust with their customer base. It can also help online pharmacies develop, improve and tailor their services to the needs of their customers. When an online pharmacy has a review platform, 24-hour live chat and a hotline, it can also show that they are genuine and care deeply about the customer experience.

How to Come off Zopiclone Safely?

When coming off zopiclone treatment plans which last 28 days or longer, it is important to incorporate a tapering off schedule toward the end of treatment, even reducing the amount down to 1.875mg if necessary. Those who suffer with chronic insomnia and need consistent treatments should consider changing medications every 28 days as this reduces the possibility of developing a tolerance to the medication.

It is worth noting that this medication is safe and beneficial when taken responsibly along with healthy lifestyle changes as part of a treatment plan. By sleeping at regular times, exercising and eating a well-balanced diet, people can return to their lives as normal after treatment.

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